Track + hype!

Had a lot of fun making this one; very silly song as is the idea behind the Bonesword project but still learned a lot and got to incorporate some recent acquisitions from a Waves sale; mostly the C4 compressor and L3 limiter - incredible tools. Still have a ton to figure out on the production side of things but I'm enjoying the journey. Taking a break to recharge, and...


...At the time of writing this, I am roughly 1 day and 21 hours (according to Steam) away from playing the new DOOM. Been very excited since the open multiplayer beta and, while having tried to avoid big spoilers, there are some story/lore points in the singleplayer campaign that I can't wait to get to. Even went back and played the original Doom (finished) and Doom II (partway through) co-op online and it's incredible how well they hold up to this day, so much fun!


Update: About 10 hours in on DOOM now; about 50/50 single-player and multiplayer. It's really good. Rip and tear!